Thursday, August 18, 2016

Teaching swim lessons!!

Back to my roots!  
I taught swimming lessons for....10 years or so? Something like that. Best job ever.
But what's even better?  Teaching my own kids!! It's so fun! We've been doing formal lessons this week everyday for about an hour, right after lunch at the Y (right after my workout/their childcare play time at the Y.  Yeah, we're at the Y at LOT!)  We've invited others to join us - cousins Lily, Bethany, and friends Ava, Reese, and Maddie. 
They're making excellent progress and are pretty good at following directions! I'm excited to help them get a head start on this important skill. I'd love to get them on a swim team when they're a bit older. I feel like it's such a gift to teach a person how to swim properly (especially with efficient breathing), so that they will always have lap swimming as an exercise option, and be safer in open water. Too many adults can't swim well, it's so sad!  I have a dream, people [lights dim, enter dramatic voice]. I want to have an indoor pool and teach swim lessons to the whole world. For free. It makes me happy. And, not to brag....but I'm pretty good at teaching. I can get these kids doing what they're supposed to do relatively quickly, and while having SO much fun! 
It's so gratifying to see that happy look of pride on their faces when they accomplish something monumental, like their first solo swim across the deep end, or their first dive. I love it.  I just don't know if we should keep this house and add an indoor pool (not much room for it), or move.... 
Oh wait, I have to find an extra 100 grand for it first! :)

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