Thursday, January 11, 2018

The best gift to give Meredith on her 32nd

I like to make a big deal about Meredith's birthdays. 
I usually go all out and do something fun. Like on her 30th... surprised her with a trip to Disneyland. 
Last year,  threw a huge party at my house.
But just days before this one I didn't have a solid plan! 
I had a few little gifts ready... A shirt,  some floss piks, new protein powder with shaker bottle.... I wanted to do more,  something practical and generous,  but gift cards are so boring. 
Store credit to Fred Meyer... In the form of really huge embarrassing items she has to return first!!!
Size 42DD bras,  massive silky grandma undies,  loud big men's boxers....IT WAS SO FUNNY!  All with a convenient gift receipt :) All she's gotta do it take it to customer service, explain that it was too small 🤣😉😆😅😝 and she can buy anything else at Fred Meyer.  Boring stuff like groceries.  But the most unforgettable shopping trip ever!! 

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