Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mrs. Kalin's Barn (shop)

Had to kill some time while waiting for my tire to get repaired at Les Schwab,  so my little buddy and I went next door to a cute little store called Mrs. Kalin's Barn.  They've been a Greenbluff orchard/store for decades,  but this little shop is new.  Super cute!! Loved seeing all the totally unique little things. Stuff you can't find anywhere else.   I bought Washington themed gifts for Coach K when I visited him next month (Oahu trip just 10 days away!!! Ahhhhh!) plus fun straws for me (cuz it's more fun to drink my protein smoothies in cute straws) plus an impulse purchase - tropical water drops as a welcome home gift for mom.  They've been in Maui the last ten days. She was sick and was convinced the salt water and sand would heal her.  Didn't really work.  Poor mom.  But these will make her feel all better 😄

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