Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bunny cage renovation with Papa

My dad is my hero!
And hero of all bunnies! 
When I was a kid he built a beautiful cage for my wabbits. Now he built one for my kids and their widdle bunnies! Well,  re-built.  It previously was too big to fit on the side of the house,  and I did NOT wanna tromp thru the cold snow all winter to take care of those animals in their big cage behind the shed.  I needed it right next to the house.  Then the kids would be more likely to actually play with them! And keep their water dish clean! Yay! 
Brian went to North40 and picked up a Hale of bay.  Bay of hale.  BALE OF HAY.  
Now the bunnies and eat their beds,  haha!
Carrot,  the big brown boy bunny, gets to roam the yard freely this week while the girls are caged.  Next week they'll switch.  Carrot caged,  girls go hoppy. And we'll keep up this rotation indefinitely because I'm not paying $135 to neuter him.  Widiculous wabbit.  

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