Monday, July 24, 2017

Out of my children's mouths lately

" I'm the best dancer because Jesus made me that way. He just chose  me to be the best dancer with great moves "--Bennett 
" I want a bumper sticker on our car that says, "I really love traffic! Just kidding, I'm trying to be positive."--"Brianna
"Mommy do you love aliens? You DO love aliens!"--Charity
"If we are the sheep and Jesus is the Shepherd, then why don't we say baaaah?" --Bennett 
"How do I thank Santa?.... (whispers) but I know i should actually just thank YOU!!" --Brianna
Lunchtime conversation: "Charity, do you think you're hungry enough to eat that whole bowl?"
"Mommy NO, we don't eat bowls, that's yucky."
"I want to go on Amazon and search for men's wedding rings" --Brianna
"Jonah built a whale!!" --Bennett
"Charity, chill out. Pain is a normal part of life. It's part of the plan." -- Courtney
" daddy, if you tell a child to do something you have to follow through!, I'm going to be such a great mom ." --Brianna 
"I like to put my arms in the air and shout HOSANNA!" --Bennett 
"Brianna is Laman and Lemuel...." --Courtney 
"Oh mommy, my apologies"--Charity M
"Where's Daddy? I love that man." -Brianna
"We're not allowed to try and get dead to go say hi to Jesus"--Bennett 
"Courtney was born first because I'm a GENTLEMAN! Say thank you."
"If grapes didnt exist,  raisins wouldn't exist!" --Courtney 
"If I had to name the person that I love the most in the world, it would be everybody." -- Courtney
"Gabe is my friend even though he's the only kid taller than me. He's even a black skins!"
"Mommy, I'm actually faster than you."- Charity
Daddy to Charity: "Dancing time! Let's see your moves!" Charity: "I don't have boobs!"

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