Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dollar Store outing

Somehow my children - Brianna especially - were convinced that there is a magical place called the dollar store and life wouldn't be complete until they got to go. So finally I gave in and took them. It happened to be one of the items on our Summer Service calendar anyway - "buy a gift for a neighbor from the dollar store to brighten their day" - so we got some cute pink ribbon/cancer/cure stuff (stickers, glitter tattoos) to make cards for our neighbor Mary who has cancer.
Aaaaand the kids all got to choose one thing, since they earned a dollar from Nonny the night before when she paid them to go dance with the dinosaur at the Endicott festival. 
Bennett was sooooo sweet - he used his dollar to get a gift for Charity!
Shopping with these 4 little people is a little chaotic. But fun to see them get SO excited over something as simple as a  dollar store trip :)

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