Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cute presents from Nonny from Paris!

My babies missed their Nonny sooooo much! I didn't even realize how much until she returned and they swarmed her! They wanted to go to her house immediately! And not just for the presents ;) They really sincerely just wanted to BE with her. Charity sat on her lap happily the ENTIRE Sacrament meeting on Sunday. She rarely does that for anyone. These were very cute thoughtful gifts she brought back for them from France. She also visited Scotland, London, and a few other places I think. I'm not personally too eager to visit Europe again. Too expensive and crowded and transportation is tricky... and expensive. We did our Denmark trip in '07 and I did France in '05 for World XC Championships. I feel like I got to see a lot. BTDT. But I'm so glad my mom got to have this adventure!

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