Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fast Sunday weekend

I love that part of my faith includes fasting 24 hrs on the first Sunday of each month. It's such an awesome principle that literally would solve world problems if everyone observed.  It's such a small sacrifice compared to the blessings received from it. Physically, there's irrefutable evidence demonstrating the health benefits to going without food for short periods of time (like, ahem, 24 hours). Socially/economically, isn't it awesome we get to make Fast Offerings and give the money we would've spent on food to those in need! And spiritually, there's a beautiful strength gained from making a sacrifice, dedicating our fast to a special desired blessing/cause. I have an absolute testimony these prayers are heard.  
I like to making Temple Attendance part of my Fasting weekend.  I start my fast saturday afternoon, go to the temple, visit Sammy, attend church sunday morning (testimony mtg! Always interesting to see who goes up ;) , and end my fast Sunday afternoon. It's honestly my favorite weekend each month!  Bonus: my visit with Sammy included our first outdoor walk of the year. Yay for not-freezing temps!

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