Monday, November 21, 2016

A Christmas post LATE or EARLY?!

While going thru old emails (in my never ending quest to get my inbox down to zero...or at least below 50), I found these gems Dad took on his camera and texted to my email last year.
So cute!
This was at their Christmas preschool program 2015.
Oh I adore them.
I couldn't just let these photos NOT make the blog (like so many, many others, sadly), so here they are. Right on time for THIS Christmas.

And below - a photo from the Dec 2015 Jingle Bell 5K for Arthritis. Our family had a fantastic time doing this together. Or at least that's what I remember. It seems like a long time, oh, 12 months or so.

Now excuse me while I go look for photos from Easter 2012 I never blogged....

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