Thursday, July 14, 2016

VBS #4, Whitworth

Another week, another Vacation Bible School! I'm glad we signed up for this one early... it filled up! Although it was extremely well organized and a fantastic experience for the kids... the construction around the campus was maddening. I wish we had done a different church's VBS this week - it would've saved me all that time I wasted trying to figure out how to get around construction. Blah. I think I hate wasting time more than the average person does. Like - I REALLY hate it. Drives me nuts. Time is super important to me!! Can't buy more...can't get it back when it's gone...just gotta do my best to use well what I have. And when others get in the WAY of that... grrrr. Anyway. Fun week. Ended in a BBQ/water party that mom graciously took the kids to so I could get things done at home (which seriously speaks to my Love Language... Acts of Service...yesssss, kid free productive time at home!!) Next VBS will be after reunion(s) week!

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