Monday, July 25, 2016

Parading in SF

Since Pioneer Day (State Holiday in Utah) fell on the Sabbath this year, it was celebrated on Monday. So we stayed for the morning festivities! Which was mostly just the parade. Many of the towns/cities in Utah do holiday parades. It's a Utah thing, maybe? Not aware of other states who do all this parading.
I'm not personally a big fan... I feel like all that CO produced by the cars driving slowly is pretty gross. And throwing candy to kids obviously does nothing positive for them. And all the effort put into planning and executing events like this could do so much good for the world if directed towards alleviating global hunger or something along those lines. Party pooper I am? Okay :) Anyway, I actually had to miss it because little Courtney slept in until 11am (ELEVEN) !!! Crazy! She's never done that before. Her poor body must have been exhausted from staying up too late every night on this trip, and eating way too much junk food. I'm glad she got some sleep, and will be glad to get back to normal healthy life.
While she slept in, I got cleaned up after a BEAUUUUTIFUL long morning run through the countryside of Spanish Fork and the golf course. It was fantastic. Felt amazing. Also got our stuff all packed up, car ready, rooms and bathrooms all cleaned up.... it was quite the effort! But felt great to leave on time having everything organized.
In the passenger seat of that red car (Camero?) is Grandpa McKell...almost 98 years young! It was awesome spending time with him. He's a great example of a positive, loving attitude towards everyone.  Brianna sat on the back of the car with her two cousins Kandalyn and Allison.  With them being so close in age, it will be sweet to see how their cousin-relationship plays out as they get older!

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