Saturday, April 9, 2016

Aloha (goodbye!) dinner

Before mom, Dad, Lily and Mere left on their latest Hawaiian vacation, I wanted to throw a little goodbye party. The tropical theme is always fun, and I have a handy stash of decorations always ready to go! 
I wanted to do the pizza in the shape of the letters ALOHA, but ran out of time, so HI had to suffice :)  We had tiki torches lit outside and a little bonfire. 
I miss them when they're gone!! And not just because they help me with my kids :) 
They wanted us to join them on Oahu... but honestly I just wasn't interested.  A quick cost-benefit analysis demonstrates to me that it's not worth it. Maybe in a few years? Or maybe I can get away with just doing my style of vacations.... quick easy and fun!

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