Monday, April 11, 2016

Bouncy bed?

Inspired by Brian's tales from his childhood summer nights spent sleeping outside on his trampoline, the kids *jumped* at the first chance to do the same!
IMO - it's not quite warm enough at night to be doing this. But they insisted! So every pillow, blanket, and large stuffed animal was brought to their trampoline campout. 
And of course, Brian slept out their with him. Both for safety, and fun :)  They watched "Little Rascals" on his ipad before falling asleep. Then Courtney slept in til about 9am! Bennett transferred to his own bed inside at 5:30 or so. 
Honestly, I feel kinda lame I'm not out there with them. I totally would, but Charity is already such a finicky sleeper.... and I just treasure my sleep too much to risk losing a night of it!  Maybe next year? 

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