Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Big sista Cousins

We drove down to Endicott (pop. 300, no joke) Monday night for SIL Jenny's Presentation on "The 5 Love Languages." I'm glad we went! It was great to support her presentation, see her sister Tia and MomJenny, and learn/be reminded of how to use the Love Language Theory to improve relationships and how I show love to others. Brianna took the kid's version of the quiz and had a 3 way tie for top: Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch. Which doesn't surprise me - I know what my girl likes! She's not that into Gifts or Words of Affirmation... maybe she's been overloaded with those in her life already?! I want to have Brian take the quiz. I'm not sure what his LL is... I'd guess Gifts or QT. Mine - no surprise - is TOTALLY Acts of Service. And a zero on Quality Time and only a few points on Words of Aff and Gifts.
I love this picture. Probably because I can still remember playing with these two nieces when they were babies/toddlers/kids. Seeing them growing up reminds me that someday Brianna will hit the teenage years.... ah! Scary! But I hope she gets the good qualities and makes similar good choices that her big-sister-cousins have made!

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