Tuesday, December 2, 2014

At THE Davenport

 Took this selfie on our way out of the fancy-schmaniest date we've been to in a loooooong time!
Brian took me to the Washington Health Care Association's annual Awards night dinner.  Huge business opportunity for him, as many of the Directors of the health care facilities he targets were there.  Lots of schmoozing to do.  And that's the main reason he wanted to bring me along.... to help with the schmoozing.   Which was utterly boring to me, but I put on a happy face and did my best to converse with these people and help him look good. 
For the disgusting price of $50/plate, it would've been nice to have better quality food, but I suppose they put most of that money towards the open bar, which obviously didn't benefit us.
Oh well. Nice to have an elegant evening out.
And nice that at least our babysitters weren't expensive! :)  

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