Saturday, November 8, 2014


  I went to my first MOPS meeting! Here are the twins coming out of it.  I made them pose for a pic so I'd have something to blog, since I didn't wanna be the weirdo inside snapping pictures. 
I'm so glad I found this organization!!
Though I'd still trying to figure out exactly what it is...
But basically, it's an international mothers-organization, with local chapters meeting monthly (here, at Colbert Presbyterian Church, but it's not affiliated directly w/ the church).
They have a speaker with a (typically secular, of interest to most mothers) topic, followed by small group discussions.
Yummy brunch, a "share table" (give and take, free things), and an AWESOME childcare while we ladies do our thang! My kids loved it. They said it was even better than Vacation Bible School (though it was likely about the same thing :)
I can't wait to go next month!
And I'm interested to see if this will lead to any religious discussions when my new friends find out I'm LDS :)  I wonder if the general at-large Spokane Christians still have crazy misconceptions and fears of Mormons....  I sure hope it's gotten better since it was when I was growing up here!   Cuz if I hear any more "so, how many moms do you have?" or "I heard you guys don't believe in the REAL Jesus..."  I'll go nutzo! 

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