Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you wanna build a snnoooowmaaann....

We got some movie passes for Christmas, and since Charity's a little beyond the age where she's guaranteed to just easily sleep through a movie, I decided to let Brian and Brianna go.

 They saw FROZEN... and Brianna's been singing the songs ever since.

I struggle with Disney movies, in general. I don't HATE them... but I feel like there are SOOOsooooSOOO many other BETTER options for screen time entertainment.
So many of the "classics" have such terrible portrayal of women.
Or the films depict females achieving their "happily ever after" despite horrible defiance and rebellion against their parent(s). Crappy messages I don't want sent to my babies.

I haven't seen Frozen, but from reading reviews, it sounds like this might not be any better. Sending the message of celebrating rebellion, ignoring moral absolutes, and embracing the "anything goes!" pervasive mentality.

I know, such a Negative-Nancy perspective, right? Just chill out and stop analyzing it, right? Wrong. If *I* don't teach her correct values, who will?  
Oh, yeah - Disney movies.  

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Hohmann Family said...

I didn't get that at all! Have you asked Brian about the plot? 'Cause I don't recall anything that ignores the moral absolutes. I know the LGTB community has embraced the song "Let it Go", but it has nothing to do with that. If you never see it, it's okay. We'll still be friends. :)