Monday, August 6, 2012

New Fam Fotos

We got a killer Groupon deal for Target Portrait Studio, so even though I kindof detest formal studio pictures, I know my Mom likes them. So I threw together some attempt at outfits (I'm terrible at that, and welcome tips), brought some tic tacs in my pocket to bribe the children into smiling (which I felt guilty about, til the photographer told me every parents does it) and we survived the session.   Didn't quite get the perfect photo I dreamed about (everyone smiling, looking up, no clothing glitches - too much to ask?!)  but here they are for you, Mom! LMK if you want prints of any  (besides the first, which is waiting at your Walgreens in 8x10 for you right now!)
Despite my scraggly hair, Courtney's half-drugged face, and Bennett's lack of eye contact... this might be our best 
Behind "It All Started" are faded letters saying, "with a kiss."  THEIR cheesy collage design, not mine. 
Really, Courtney? You just had to look left right at this moment? Thanks. 
They designed a thank-you card for us.  So people, feel free to send us birthday/Christmas presents - we've got our thank- you cards all ready to go!  Notice all three children are lifting their right arms.  WEIRD.
A major goal was getting one good shot of the kids together. This was the best of our attempts. Notice Bennett's face - he had just had the soccer ball taken away. Sad.   And Courtney's little fist pump: "Go Team McKell!"
Best attempt at a Courtney solo. And now you know what her tongue looks like.
Hmmm.... I'm not a fan of the sepia coloring. Makes us look like we're in a dirty cloud.
Things got goofy towards the end. This was our attempt to get the kids HAPPY again. If you look close, Bennett and Courtney are both really upset.  And I'm upset that I didn't do something with my hair. Someone gimme a lesson on what to do with two feet of long wavy hair!
I rarely get to say this: I like this photo! 
Mom - do you like this one better?  (I think you would, since I have a drooping neckline shirt. You can borrow it if you want.)
Cheesy pose idea #493 from the photographer: "hey, let's put a big fake flower on her shoulder!" Um.... ok....
I like this one of Brianna. I wish I had done something cuter with her hair, but her pose makes me happy. Combo sassy and sweet.

These didn't quite work. I look 10 ft wide. Bad outfit choice. Somebody save me from myself!  That aside... the middle one is ok.  The left and right ones.... well, Brian and Bennett's expressions just scream "I'M DONE!"
Out-takes.  It's tough getting everyone to smile. And getting my face to not look extremely round. And looking at the camera.  Too much to ask, I know.
Bennett's a ball guy, but I didn't choose for him to hold this. He just saw it there in the prop box, and threw a total tantrum if we tried to take it away. So we have a bunch of pictures of him holding Target's mini soccer ball. Whatever.
Should I let the Target Portrait people know they misspelled LOVE ? cheeeesssyyyy
This one got about 60 (SIXTY!) "likes" when I posted it on Facebook and seemed to make everyone really happy.   Can't figure out why....


Julie said...

I love all these pictures and your captions. You are too funny! Such a cute family you guys have! :)

Hohmann Family said...

You all look fabulous. The kids are totally kids and their personalities show. You are going to love ALL of these in about 7 years.

Sallyseashell said...

I think they're all so great!!! My favorite is the droopie neckline one, not because of the neckline but because you all look happy. Oh, okay, I like the droppy neckline shirt too!

debbieandstevefamily said...

Love ALL the pictures - lots of personality and humor - I'd be happy with any - kinda really like the one w/some kids hanging upside down.

Jenna said...

very fun, cute fam pictures! :)