Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Emergency Bike Pit Stop

If you're going to get a massive flat tire on your bike trailer, it's good to do it near a bike shop.

The twins had a serious freak-out when they went upstairs at Bountiful Bicycles and saw the collection of kids bikes. They started yelling, BIKES BIKES BIKES pointing everywhere, wide eyed.

Seriously though....I end up at a bike shop getting a repair of some sort for one of my wheeled toys every single week it seems like. Sheesh.  I use these things to save money on gas, and I'm not saving much when I have to do all these repairs!

Oh, and a major shout out (not that he'll ever see this)  to the Good Samaritan who saw me struggling to get my bike and trailer to the shop. He pulled over and carried the trailer so I could carry my kids, then went back and got my bike. In 95 degree heat. I hope that man is showered in blessings for that.

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