Monday, July 9, 2012

Runnin' a Runnin' Business!

I am the new owner of !
Here's the story, briefly:
My superstar running friend started the site a few years ago. She worked hard on it and grew it to be a great resource for runners in Utah and surrounding areas. She had a passion for promoting running events in the state.
But she moved to CA and started a new site,   She wanted to sell her URG site, but got overwhelmed and sent me an email a week ago asking if I wanted it.  Immediately the wheels in my little head started spinning.  IDEAS!  Lots of ideas. The kind of ideas I have absolutely NO TIME for and shouldn't entertain. 
But I've decided to GO for it! 
So I've taken over the site, given it a lift, tuck - the works. Completely changed the focus and advertising program. 
I started a Facebook Page for it, where I host GIVEAWAYS for FREE race entries to Featured Races in Utah.
The FB Timeline Cover - for now. I'm not nuts about it. Anybody out there good w/ graphic design?!  
 This has never been done before - a place where people can try to win free entries to races!  That's the #1 reason most runners don't do MORE weekend races - it's an expensive hobby.  Problem solved - just come on over to Utah Running Guide and enter to win!

Last week we gave away an entry into
the Half Crazy Half Marathon.This is our
 current giveaway! A free entry into the
 Save Your Skin 10K run. It's a fun one
along the Legacy Trail. Giveaway ends
Wednesday - go enter! Even if you don't
want to win! Seriously - I need the numbers! :)
It's an innovative advertising approach that I think Race Directors will like, because entering the contest requires "liking" their race page and "sharing" it.  That's a big deal, with the potential of getting their event details out to THOUSANDS.   Yay for the power of social media!
So. I'm working hard on this. Hoping it will take off.  Already, according to web analytics, the site gets about 2,000 unique visitors per month, and we have a Facebook Group (vs/ FB Page) with nearly 600 members I can directly message.  So it's good start!
YOU can help - please LIKE the URG site on FB and enter the contests!
My VISION:  A site where the best races in Utah are featured, where Race Directors WANT their event advertised, because all the Running-Enthusiasts swarm to Utah Running Guide!


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...
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Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Sorry! Not sure how I posted the same comment three times, this is great you are running this website. Hope I win some free registrations, that would be cool.

Annalee said...

Go Chelsea! It's fun when the ideas start churning and what a perfect project for you to take on, combining "free" and running! Good luck with it!--Meg

Sallyseashell said...

Awesome--It's fun to have side projects! Have fun with it!!