Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer at Grandma's

I remember as a kid LOVING our summer trips to Oregon to visit my dad's parents. I loved their home - especially their yard. Always so beautiful and so fun. The ideal place for kids to run around exploring, snacking on garden goodies, daring each other to get near the scary mulch pile.
Now my Grandma lives alone here in Bountiful, and still maintains a small beautiful yard and garden. I'm glad we live near her, and glad it's summer, so it's easy to ride my bike over with the kids in the bike trailer. We have to get our visits in before 8pm, or Grandma's gone to bed! On this visit, we chewed on tasty mint leaves and took home fresh parsley. Brianna loved the roses! I can't wait til we get to move and have a home with a yard. Though I doubt it'll ever be as beautiful as Grandma's!


Malerie said...

This is awesome. I bet she loves your visits. I miss being close to my grandparents. Last year we lived next door to my grandma and she and Madeline were bosom buddies. I was reminded how important extended family is - even to my little kids.

Debbie said...

The three "oneitas" together. It would be fun to go around Grandma's yard in 3 min. & try to quickly identify the "real" flowers from the "almost".

Sallyseashell said...

Grandmas are special!