Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday morning adventures

Brian works most Saturdays, unfortunately, cuz that's my race day. There's always at least a couple going on near us (< 20 min drive). And I lovelovelove participating in them. So I have to decide: stay home and just go to the gym, hire a babysitter so I can go race solo, or put the kids in the stroller and race with them.
5K at Sugarhouse Park for the Heart Institute of Utah.  Bennett needs a haircut.  
 Lately the last option has been winning out most often. It takes a few minutes off my finishing time, but that's ok. I still get all the other great perks of participating in a road race: a killer workout, supporting some charitable cause, free food, nice happy people, occasional prizes, and another shirt to add to the stash, etc. Actually 4 shirts today- they wanted to give one to all my kids! They are the center of attention quite often at these races. I don't mean to make a spectacle of ourselves... But what can I do about it? Hire a babysitter? Stay home? Nope, we're all happiest this way!

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Kecia said...

If you got any in Utah county bring the kids over to my house! We could have a crazy wild house while you run like a crazy wild woman. :)