Friday, June 22, 2012

Independent girl

It seems like every single day brings something new from Miss Courtney (ok, all 3 of them... but I feel like she should get her own post every now and then. Since Brianna has a gazillion).
Today - literally 3 minutes ago, since I'm sending this from the park - she started climbing some playground equipment she's never attempted, then proudly declaring, "I DOING! I DOING!!" Now she's on fire, scaling every metal ladder/contraption/trapeze in sight (on site?). Fortunately Brian is here (in dress shirt and tie, cuz he's a classy guy at the playground) to back me up and play spotter. So I can do important other things... Like blog from my phone. 
I perhaps would feel like a little despondent, like my little Courtney was growing up too fast... if she didn't come up to me just now and say - in a full clear sentence - "Ah wan milk time peas!" and plop herself into my lap. Brian made the innocently ignorant classic comment, "If she can ask for it that well, don't you think she's too old?" I sweetly retorted, "She can also ask for hugs and kisses now too."   :) 
Growing up fast, but not *too* fast.

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