Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Courtney's Nightly Serenade

Just a quick note in case I forget about this someday...
Nearly every night after we put the babies to bed and close the door, it's not more than a few minutes until Bennett starts singing.
Like belting out his tunes as if he's a MoTab. 
Right now, at this very moment, he's serenading Courtney (and maybe the whole neighborhood) with a very loud "EENSY WEENSY SPIIIIDERRR...."
He knows all the words, and is obviously proud of that. Other nights, he favors us with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "I Am a Child of God," and the Barney song, "I Love You, You Love Me."
I really wish I could somehow get a video of this. It's amazing. It's the quirkiest behavior and makes me ridiculously happy. 
The funniest part is that we don't hear anything from Courtney, whose bed is just a few feet from his. So I can only assume she's laying there, listening to her twin brother screaming out songs from the depths of his little lungs, and wondering why in the world they had to be womb-mates.

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Hohmann Family said...

Awwww... She's probably soaking it all it and wondering what her future prom date may look like as he serenades her in a similar fashion in front of the whole school to ask her out. :)