Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vote for Kent !

Today I helped my in-laws make these 4x6 cards to pass out to the 10,000 residents of Emery County, in hopes of electing Kent to the County Telecom Board  (whatever that is?!)

Seriously, I hope he gets it. He'd be great at it (whatever it is!).
Kent's a very kind, generous and hardworking guy. Everyone who knows him likes him.

But it's tough competition, apparently... when Brian heard the name of the other guy, he said, "uh-oh... he's already got the vote of half the county because he's RELATED to them..." !

Small town politics, sheesh!
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Marilyn said...

Chelsea, how nice of you to make this flyer. It is very professional looking. Yes, Kent is kind, caring, loyal, etc.

Meredith said...

Chelsea is stinky

Debbie said...

well done!