Thursday, May 31, 2012


Around May 1st, my awesome friend K-Dawg Mabb told me about a little online event going on that was just screaming my name... because it involved running, online activity, and winning prizes. Yep, that just about sums up my interests! There's a site called JoggerMom run by a lady named Kelly. I'm a tad envious of Kelly. She has triplets, and I kindof wish I did too (not joking!). AND her "job" is reviewing jogging strollers on her website. Dream job! But at least I get to participate in the awesome "race" event she created - the JoggerMomMarathon! 26.2 miles in the month of May. A very do-able goal for any mom, no matter how busy. I used to get that many miles done in just 2 or 3 days.
But the past few months, I have only been running once a week (a Saturday race), occasionally throwing in a mid-week run. So I had to turn it up a notch to be sure I got those miles in this month! The prizes (new jogging strollers) are being given away to the finishers in a few days. *crossing my fingers*!! If I win, I have to provide evidence of my miles. So I kept track of them with my runkeeper app on my phone. Running w/ my phone used to be annoying. Now I feel naked without it! In addition, there is a "silly running photo contest" going along with the virtual event. Of course I had to do a couple submissions :)
Another benefit of participating in this was that I had to learn to use Twitter! Had to communicate w/ the group using #joggermommarathon tags. I'm still not very savvy w/ it. But I kindof understand how the whole hashtag and @ sign and RT thing work. Probably not going to be a regular tweeter, but I'm glad I understand it a little better and could use it more if I needed/wanted to.
So..... now this is over.... I need a new quirky online activity-related event to participate in and dream of winning! Or maybe I should just get more sleep.....  :)

screen shot from -
this doesn't include the races I did
Left hand side has mileage breakdown w/ dates


Debbie said...

good captions!

Megan said...

cute picture! So did you win the stroller?